New Additions To The DLP PLC Family

While 2017 has come to an end for us all, we wanted to share some new faces that joined us in 2017 and celebrated the holidays for the first time with DeShon Laraye Pullen PLC. Krystal, Lisa, Sara and Staci welcomed new additions to their families and ours! These babies celebrated their first Holiday Season and New Year!

Tristan, Krystal’s son and Lisa’s Grandson

Tristan, Krystal's son (New Addition at DLP PLC Family)

Remi, Sara’s son

Remi, Sara's son  (New Addition at DLP PLC Family)

Aurora, Staci’s granddaughter

Aurora, Staci's granddaughter (New Addition at DLP PLC Family)

We welcome these precious children and perhaps the next generation of talent to our DLP PLC family.

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