Spotlighting Our IT Partner

In the day-to-day operations of DeShon Laraye Pullen PLLC or any law firm, things can go wrong, primarily in the technology we rely on to serve our clients. The last thing that we want is to have bugs, crashes and other problems affect the work that we do for them.

A great deal of the success we enjoy comes from the collaborative relationships developed behind the scenes.

One in particular that we would like to highlight is the IT partnership we enjoy with Inertia IT Services LLC. Simply put, they have never let us down when computer-related glitches arise. They are customer-focused and continuing provide lighting fast response time that helps us do what we do on a daily basis. Finding them was a stroke of luck for the firm and truly our good fortune.

Inertia IT Services LLC is a small, locally based business that specializes in the technological needs of law firms. We consider Mike Serbin and his staff as members of the DeShon Laraye Pullen PLLC family and look forward to a long, mutually beneficial relationship long into the future.

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