The Possible Future For Divorce Filing Fees

The cost of dissolving a marriage in Arizona is about to go up to save the dissolution of a troubled state pension plan.

Last week, the House Banking and Insurance Committee voted to raise all court fees in a 7-1 vote. Fees to file for divorce will jump anywhere from $2 to $18, depending on the specific services soon-to-be ex-spouses required.

The “financial peril” of the state’s public-safety pension for politicians and judges is well documented with many calling it the worst performing n the United States. Higher court fees for marital dissolutions would help fund the woefully underfunded system that provides generous retirement packages in spite of being plagued with bad investments.

In 2010, an investigation conducted by the Arizona Republic found that countless elected officials actually made more money in retirement then during the time they served in office.

Overall, the rate hike will generate $2.5 million for the Elected Officials’ Retirement Plan. During the previous year, court fees added $8.6 million to the pensions. Yet, it remained at the brink of going under.

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