Take Steps In The Right Direction

Getting Started With The Divorce Process

Being in the midst of the divorce process creates internal conflict. Essentially, you are driving a vehicle, trying to focus on the road ahead yet continuing to be tempted to look in the rearview mirror. Legalities that help you move forward clash with emotional matters where you find yourself rehashing the past.

While there is no template for how to handle your divorce. However, five steps can help you move in the right direction.

Gain Clarity

Simply put, know what you need and want. Be candid and honest while keeping in mind what your soon-to-be ex wants as well. In the end, it can help you choose your battles carefully in what you want to fight for and what you can live without.

See Divorce As Business

No one will deny the emotionally charged aspects of a marriage ending. However, that union is based on a legal contract and your divorce is a legal proceeding. Keeping those emotions in check helps the process of divvying up assets and responsibilities.

Know The Numbers

Take the time to know where you are financially. That starts with ordering a credit report. From there, gather tax returns and financial statements that detail assets and debts. Also, secure a bank account and credit card in your name and track your expenses.

Establish “Team You”

Having a support system of friends and family is paramount. However, you will also need experts on your team who are not as emotionally invested. Retaining an attorney who will help you make good decisions is an important first step. Trusted legal counsel can guide you through not only the financial aspects, but also the personal issues that may arise.

Next Chapter Preparation

Cooperation is key in getting to a finalized divorce. However, that doesn’t mean that you should downplay your needs to get a signature on a document. Know what you want. Equally as important, know what you are signing. It is “page one” of the next chapter of your life.


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